BJP Budgets: Omissions and Expectations

Meanwhile, 82 CPSEs are making losses. The total loss of CPSEs, between 2007–08 and 2016–17, was Rs 223,859 crore — juxtapose this reality with funding an income support scheme.

The tax amount stuck as per Budget 2018 is Rs 7.38 lakh crore — roughly half of the tax expected this year and a whopping 4.45 per cent of GDP. Do the math to get a fix on the consequence of adversarial conduct on the economy — both revenues and growth have stalled.

Four years later, in July 2018, the Parliamentary Standing Committee observed that among flagship schemes, utilisation for smart cities “was the lowest at 1.83 per cent, i.e, Rs 182.62 crore of the released Rs 9,943.22 crore.”

The institution of e-NAM or Amul II could help, but governmentalized structures daunt the most vulnerable — farmers dealing in perishables are expected to classify/certify moisture levels.

There is much applause for maintaining fiscal discipline. It is equally true that there is a silent crisis of dues owed but yet to be paid by the government.



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