Dead Policy Walking: Will Budget 2017 Curb Daily Death Parade?

136 Children Under The Age of Five Die Of Disease Every Hour

  • How about directly funding reverse osmosis drinking water systems for villages?
  • Can the Defence Research and Development Organisation’s portable toilet technology be scaled for mass adoption?
  • Would the Centre fund sewage gas plants via startups and local bodies?
  • Why not design a model public-private partnership that involves private healthcare providers operating mobile clinics, pay per Aadhaar authenticated check-up, and setting up telemedicine facilities at primary health centres?

India’s Killer Roads Claim 16 Lives Every Hour

Air Pollution Triggered Diseases Kill 70 Persons Every Hour

  • over 2.4 lakh were caused by Ischemic Heart Disease,
  • 1.95 lakh died of strokes,
  • 1.1 lakh died of cardio-pulmonary obstructive disorder,
  • and over 26,000 died of lung cancer.
  • Fund local bodies to set up projects for solid waste disposal.
  • Tackle perennial road dust and for recycling grey water.
  • Reclaim waste water.
  • Bring in thermal hydrolysis technology, address both urban air pollution and water scarcity.

Accidents On Railway Tracks Claim 68 Lives Every Day



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Shankkar Aiyar

Shankkar Aiyar

Journalist-Analyst. Author of ‘Accidental India’ and Áadhar: A Biometric History. Studying how the market for politics rules the economics of people!